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DailyDivine August 3, 2022

Happy Wednesday! Today I have drawn a card from the Animal Wisdom cards by Dr. Cara Gubbins. Leopard has come to share wisdom with us about Independence Flexibility, and Interdependence. This is powerful guidance today.

How do these key words affect you and your life? Leopards are indeed adept at each of these things. They are known to be very independent, hunting and living a good portion of their lives alone. They take care of themselves. They take responsibility for their lives, their actions. They know if they want something, they need to do the work to make it happen.

They are also extremely flexible in how they work. They know that the Universe provides, the Universe has a plan. Divine Timing cannot be rushed. So they patiently await the opportunity to pounce. They wait, but they are ready. They constantly formulate plans, then reevaluate and modify on the fly as things change. There is always a plan, because success depends on having a good plan. But flexibility is equally as important. You need to be able to change directions in an instant to catch your lunch, who is trying to escape.

They also understand Interdependence on a fundamental level. We are all connected. Leopards cannot survive if there is not enough prey for them to live on, or water to drink. They also are now known to cooperate with others of their extended family to hunt and raise young. All within the ecosystem supports all the rest within the system. If one part is out of balance, it will effect all others as well.

For us, these things are all important and needed, in balance as well. We need to be Independent. We need to remember we are the architect of our lives. We need to put in the action to create the life we want. WE build our lives, one decision, one action, one plan at a time. What action do you need to take for yourself today?

We also need to be flexible. We make our plans, because a good plan is as necessary as a map. But we need to be ready to change directions, to maximize opportunities as they present themselves. The Universe gives us assistance, we just need to be able to recognize and catch it as the opportunity presents itself. We need to be ready to change as the energy changes and flows, to go with the flow. Life is easier when we work WITH. Make your plans, but be ready and on the lookout for even better things to come along! Be ready to grab them when the appear.

We, too, are interdependent. We sometimes have a hard time with this one. But this is as true. This is why we live in society. We all have different skills, different life purposes, and this is perfect! Because, when we work together, we can do ANYTHING! Where are your skills needed today? What can you contribute to the greater good? When we contribute to our community, it feels good. It also creates a stronger community, and that creates more support for us when we need it. In our modern society, we are lacking in community. Strengthening our community is one of the most powerful things we can do right now. Who are your community? What can you do to help build community today?

In all of this, it's important to know when we should be independent, when we should be working together, and when to be flexible and when to hold your ground. If you aren't sure, ask yourself, what would the Leopard do in this situation?

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