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&Shamanic Healing

People are Saying...

"Rocking Reiki is the one of the Best hidden gems of downtown Daytona Beach for massage therapy. If anyone is battling pain from an auto accident, hurt on the job or battling any from any other physical pain please do yourself a favor and sign up for a deluxe experience through the healing hands energy of Rocking Reiki!" - David R.

"This was one of the best massages I ever had. Thank you" - Ivette F.

"Claudine is amazing/ not just a massage therapist/ but also a genuine care giver" - Angie D.

"Absolutely perfect massage experience! I booked a 90min massage the night before my birthday after doing extensive research online about all local massage options, Rock'n'Reiki exceeded all expectations! When I arrived the experience started with the exquisite Victorian house with lush gardens outside including a fish pond and relaxing porch area where tea and chocolates were served after my session. The house was stunning with a grand piano and clean restroom. The Reiki, aromatherapy and massage were the best I've ever had. I would come here every week if I lived here! Highly recommend not just for the services but the ambiance was relaxing and calming. Definitely 5 stars!🤩" - Sara D.

"First, as a client for many years, Claudine is a Great Asset to her Profession! She is Professional, Personable, Knowledgeable and 'just flat knows her stuff'. Her new establishment on Bay St., Daytona Beach is a Relaxation Destination!
Claudine - Thank You...your massages remove my muscle aches, helps to mend my body and mind. I Always leave stress free, relaxed and Happy :)!! Will be booking again soon. Appreciate All You Do!" - Bill W.

"Claudine is wonderful and so informative about her process. I have worked with her many times over the years! She has provided me with Reiki therapy and has provided my two girls (a cat and a dog) with Reiki for healing and comfort during storms and stressful times in general. I have gotten to learn so much from her and would recommend her healing therapies to anyone!" - Kaylin L.

"Rock'n'Reiki is in a charming Victorian in downtown Daytona. I have had massages all over the country and have never had one come close to Claudine's. The massage bed is padded and comfortable. Claudine asks what you need work on most and is so caring and knows exactly how to relieve muscle pains. She always leaves me feeling amazing and I like to tell her she has miraculous hands!" - Cathy W.

"Claudine is highly trained and provided both myself and my pup Gatlin with Reiki work. She was able to clear up Gatlin’s chronic foot problem with a few sessions and give me insight on the root cause to take to my vet for continued care. For me, her shamanic healing work has brought me so much peace and I will not hesitate to call on her again." - Christine R.

"Claudine is amazing! After just one session with her, I'm renewed! Her energy really connected with me! She was able to work out my neck issues that many other therapists haven't been able to! She's an expert at her craft! Thanks again! I will be back!!!" - Chasity M.

"Claudine is a miracle worker. Her massages are amazing. The atmosphere of the facility is awesome. I highly recommend her for your next massage." - Annette M.

"Had a wonderful Shamanic healing session with Claudine. My appointment was through zoom as I live a distance away. Even though I was in another city, I could physically feel the healing happening! Claudine explained that her spirit guides had directed her to help with a soul retrieval for me and what that meant for me in terms of gifts being restored. I was in tears at the end of the session as it was so powerful and helpful. Claudine is very down to earth and kind. It was easy to talk to her and I felt very supported/comforted. I was so excited about it that I purchased a Body and Soul session for my husband and we drove a few hours so he could have a massage and shamanic healing session in-person. The office location is so cute and comfortable (small victorian). My husband loved it and I would highly recommend Rock'n'Reiki and Claudine." - Susan M.

"You're easy to work with, clear/concise and passionate. Also, it helps that you're not weird/froo-froo about it lol" - Corinne F.

"Claudine is kind, informative and walks through each step of her healing process with you. Working with her has been so rewarding for my girls and I. She offers a vast perspective on energy therapy for both individuals and their animals, while includine you in every decision that's made. I recommend her healing services for anyone seeking to clear the air in their lives!" - Kay Marie

"I think you are one of the most genuine people I know. You are easy to talk to and you don't lecture :-)

I felt that what you saw was accurate. When I took him back to the kennel later in the day for playtime with the other dogs, he was calmer and less reactive than normal. The next morning (yesterday) when I treated his feet I noticed that the redness was gone. That is wonderful!" - Christine R.

"Hazel recently had a traumatic experience and we felt a clearing and healing would be helpful. I liked being able to give Hazel healing beyond the medicine the veterinarian could provide. Claudine you are easy to talk to you and I could sense your sincerity in wanting to help. You are a talented healer. Hazel is getting better every day. It is definitely in part because of your clearing and Reiki" - Donna W.C.

"You nailed Rocky as being the queen! I would recommend an animal energy healing session for pets if they have medical or behavior issues. I think people should know how accurate you are and the healing you can do." - Janet C.

"Doc has been doing really well ever since your first treatment last week. I definitely credit his doing well to your work. He's eating well, his weight is good, he hasn't been showing any obvious signs of distress with his mouth. He is still on the pain med, but the dose has been cut in half." - Paula J. 

"I noticed there have been changes with Dakota, including his gait and muscle function. My goal has always been to keep him safe, love him and now keep him comfortable. What I liked best about our session was your demeanor, the ability to connect verbally sharing your history and my concerns for my crew. You are a kind soul, soft spoken, insightful and have a contagious laugh. After our session I noticed improved movement for Dakota. I see a return sparkle in his eyes! <3 Claudine, I so appreciate your connection and validation to interpret for us! Looking forward to collaborating in the future." - Jeraldine S.

"Hannibal is important to me and I want the best life for him. Lately he's been "off" and moody. I liked the fact that I didn't have to disturb him and bring him out of his home to participate in this therapy. I trust and value Claudine's energy therapies. I know she has pure intent. Coming from a novice energy worker myself, she's completely validated and true to her work! I liked most that I can trust her. For the first time in a while he was being social and his usual Hannie self. It was great seeing a noticeable change! More sessions please!" - Chasity M.

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