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&Shamanic Healing


Hi, my name is Claudine Records.  When I was a kid I wanted to be a healer who helped both people and animals.  I had no idea how that could happen.  Many years went by, and life took me away from that dream.


Then in 1999 I discovered Reiki, and it was like coming home!  I immediately found a teacher and began my training, and it wasn't long before I became a Reiki Master Teacher. I fell in love with Reiki, and I wouldn't know how to live without it! I use it in so many ways in my everyday life as well as my work. It's like breathing for me.


In 2007 I became a licensed massage therapist. I have worked in resort spas on the Las Vegas Strip as well as in Daytona Beach. I loved meeting people from all over the world, while providing world class massage and bodywork to all our guests. This experience is what I carry with me in my own practice, and it enables me to create a beautiful, relaxing experience for all my guests.


In 2013 I was drawn to start seriously studying shamanism. I have studied Peruvian, Celtic, and core shamanic traditions as well as Peruvian mysticism.  This training has been enormously healing for me as well as my clients. It has enabled me to bring healing, guidance and empowerment to my clients.


Then, in 2016 I was guided to begin doing Reiki and Shamanic healing sessions. Shamanic healing is one of my greatest passions, there is just nothing better than helping people to heal old wounds and connect with their own spirit guides, to see the path forward. Adding Reiki and Shamanic healing together allows for even greater results than either on their own, and both are amazing in their own right!

Today I get to live my dream and help both animals and people heal.  I help animals who are suffering from injuries, illness, or age related issues to reduce pain and restore quality of life so the pets can live comfortably with their people for as long as possible.  I help people who are struggling with feelings of being stuck or weighed down to lift the heaviness and move forward with renewed energy and joy. I help people to reconnect with their spirit guides, to light the path forward.  It is a blessing every day!

I am so blessed that I'm able to teach as well.  It is my great pleasure to empower people to make their own connections, receive guidance for themselves, and offer healing for themselves, their family, animals and others.

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