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DAILY DIVINE Sun 8.21.22

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


It is said that Andean Paqos associate the scent of Agua de Florida with the aroma of the celestial realms

Today's Drawing: CH'ALLAY

Sunday, the day I am drawn to the Andean Healing Energy Cards. Today, I've drawn CH'ALLAY, and it feels beautiful. This is a traditional ritual used to disperse heavy energy, called Hucha. It is also used to give offerings and connect with Spirit. The combination of the fire of alcohol, the essential oils, the practitioner's breath and intent come together powerfully.

The fire in the alcohol transforms heavy energy. The essential oils raise vibrations and are uplifting to the energy and people. Your intent is everything. Clear the air, share your gratitude, connect with Spirit. This is a powerful, but simple ritual. Clear the air, raise your vibes!

"Clear the air. Raise your vibes. Give offerings and gratitude to your spirit guides."

Are you feeling heavy, dark, stagnant? Take some Florida water (you can make your own, there are recipes online or create your own) and connect with Spirit. Put your intention into your breath, and BLOW the heavy energy away. BLOW your thanks to your spirit guides! You can use the traditional method of blowing the Agua de Florida from your mouth, or the modern way, using a spray bottle that you've blown your intentions into. Your choice! You won't do it wrong. Put your intention into the Florida water, and spray, feel the difference.

Are you clearing the air, lightening up, or giving gratitude today? Let me know in the comments!

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