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Courses Available


Welcome to the Rock'n'Reiki Courses Page! It is one of my greatest pleasures to empower people and help them to grow, learn, and connect more deeply to themselves, to the Divine Spirit, and to Nature.

I offer Reiki courses to learn how to offer healing for yourself, family, friends and pets. Reiki is absolutely amazing! It is simple yet extremely powerful. It opens a whole new world!

I have several shamanic courses to suit your needs. You may choose to learn the shamanic journey in depth, either in a group setting or on a 1 to 1 basis. Connect with the Divine and learn a more balanced, divinely guided way of being.

Whatever your choice, I look forward to working with you!

Divine Connections

Step into a more connected way of being. Connected to the Divine Spirit, connected to Nature, connected to your own higher being. Life can feel chaotic, pulling us in all different directions, there are so many demands on our time and energy. It's overwhelming sometimes. But there are ways to maintain your balance, your peace, your connection. In this 10 week, mentored course you will meet your personal spirit guides, learn how to connect with them and ask for guidance whenever you wish. Learn to connect with the Nature Beings around you, to help you stay grounded, peaceful, supported even in the midst of chaos around you. This course will put you on the path of a different way of life, a shamanic way of life. A way of direct connection with Spirit. In this course you will learn: * How to create Sacred Space * How to create relationship with your personal Angel/Divine Spirit guides * How to receive guidance directly from your Spirit guides * How to create relationship with the Nature Beings * The benefits, and methods of shamanic prayers and gratitude practices * How to maintain your personal energy * Healing practices for yourself and Nature * ceremony and so much more! This course will give you a solid foundation and help you build your personal spiritual practice of shamanism. It is the beginning of a new way of life, a new way of being, a more connected, peaceful, Divinely guided way of being. If you feel drawn, I welcome you to the path of Divine Connection! 10 week mentored course $350

10 week mentored course

starting Saturday April 20, 2024

Learn to Journey


The Shamanic Journey has been used by shamans for over 40,000 years to bring healing and guidance in all areas of life to their people. It is a way of seeing the Unseen, gaining information that can be found no other way. It is life transforming! Connect to your inner wisdom and intuition. Build relationship with your personal spirit guides. Receive guidance through life’s difficulties. This six week, mentored course will give you a foundation in shamanic journeying. You will be guided step by step in how to journey, and in meeting your personal spirit guides and teachers. As you build your relationship with your spirit guides, you will gain access to higher perspectives on life’s challenges, clarity, spiritual guidance, and healing. Your intuition will strengthen as you build confidence in your ability to navigate the spirit world. Life can feel very chaotic and difficult right now. You may be feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or ungrounded. Shamanic Journeying can help you stay grounded and find the best path through the chaos. As you connect directly with your spirit guides, you will rebuild your connections with nature, spirit, and your true self. In this course you will learn how to: Create sacred space and why we do it. Alter your consciousness to access the spirit realms. Journey for yourself, meeting your helping spirits in the Lower and Upper Worlds Navigate the shamans map and connect with your helping spirits. Clearly receive information, guidance, and healing from your helping spirits. Integrate the information and guidance given to you by your helping spirits into your daily life. Bring the sacred into your daily life. Ground yourself and remain grounded. Overcome obstacles and challenges you may encounter along the way. And much more. By the end of this course, you will be proficient in journeying for guidance and healing for yourself. You will reconnect to your own inner wisdom, strengthen your intuition, and build confidence in your ability to connect with spirit for support and guidance throughout life. This is a path of direct revelation that you will always have access to. Your connection with spirit will bring insight and wisdom. It will bring more peace and balance into your life. With the support and guidance of your spirit guides, you begin to make informed choices from a place of empowerment. Join in person at the Rock'n'Reiki Sanctuary or over Zoom. 6 week mentored course $225

6 week mentored course

 starting Tuesday February 27, 2024

Individual Shamanic Journey Mentorship

One to one, individual course in shamanic journeying. Learn to journey with customized approach focused on your success. Receive personal guidance on your path to shamanic practice. This course is tailored specifically to you, adjusted in real time to address your specific needs and ensure you have a firm grasp on the skills involved. 6 session, personally mentored course $500

6 session mentored course

start date is selected upon booking

Reiki Level 1

Learn Reik in person or from the comfort of your own home! During this 6 week course you will be given a Reiki level 1 attunement and learn how to offer Reiki to yourself, other people, and your animals. You will learn the many benefits Reiki offers, and why I love Reiki even more now than when I first began practicing in 1999. You will gain hands on experience offering Reiki, with plenty of opportunity for mentoring, questions, and have opportunity to learn from the other students in the group with our own private Facebook group. Some of Reiki's benefits include: *reduce pain *reduce stress *speed the healing process *healing emotional wounds and much more Reiki is one of the great passions of my life, it really is life changing! It offers emotional support through difficult times. It reduces pain and speeds healing process when you have injuries or illness. It is a method of spiritual growth. And it is always with you, no matter where you are. It is very simple, but extremely powerful. I don't know what I would do without it! By the way, animals LOVE Reiki! And they really like people who can give Reiki! We will meet once a week, in person at the Rock'n'Reiki Sanctuary, or over Zoom if you prefer.. Class sessions will be recorded in case you miss one or want to review. Our private Facebook page will be monitored daily also. It is there for you to ask questions, share stories, and experiences, and build community. The best time to learn Reiki is now! Reiki opens a whole new world and I am excited to share it with you, and looking forward to seeing you in Reiki 1 class! 6 week mentored course $250

6 week mentored course     

starting Wednesday May 15,2024

Reiki Level 2

Take your Reiki practice to the next level! Reiki level 2 teaches how to send Reiki over distance, over time, and to situations. It can help you move through troubled times with more grace and ease. Level 2 also goes further into Spiritual practice. There are ways to use Reiki to clear the energy of a space, to bless your food, even ceremony for those who pass away. Reiki 2 opens a whole new universe of possibility! Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 6 week mentored course $350

6 week mentored course

starting Wednesday March 20, 2024

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