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&Shamanic Healing



Classical Massage

Take a moment for yourself, to relax, to let go, to breathe. This massage is soothing to the body and the soul, relaxing muscles, mind and spirit.

60 mins.  $80

60 min Gift Certificate $80

90 mins   $110

90 min Gift Certificate $110

Deep Tissue Massage

Work out the knots, get into the problem areas, relax overly tight muscles. This is a custom massage, designed just for you, just for this moment in time.  

60 mins $80

60 min Deep Tissue Gift Certificate $80

90 mins $110

90 mins Gift Certificate $110


Reiki Infusion Add-On

Add all of the benefits of Reiki to any massage. Increase relaxation, promote balance and harmony in the body, mind and soul. Supports the body to heal itself and find harmony.

Add-on $20

Body & Soul Combination

Clear the air, lift the weight off your shoulders, receive spiritual guidance with shamanic healing first, followed by a 60 minute custom massage. Energy healing continues during the massage leaving you feeling lighter, freer, supported and connected. This is the ultimate in healing services!

3 hours $225

Gift Certificate $225

Energy & Shamanic Work

Reiki Session

Non invasive and extremely relaxing, Reiki helps eliminate pain, speed the healing process, and restore balance of body, mind and soul.  It supports your body to heal itself.

Session can be done in person at the Rock'n'Reiki Sanctuary or over Zoom. Session is 60 mins.

Reiki $80

Reiki Gift Certificate $80

Shamanic Healing Session

Clear the air, lift the weight from your shoulders.  Connect with your personal Spirit guides and receive healing messages from them.  Clear the blocks and find the path forward. Remove negative self beliefs holding you back. Sessions typically include energy clearing and a return of power in some form which could include Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval or Color Essence Retrieval. Spirit guides the session and what and how much Power is restored and in what way. Your spirit guides know exactly what is needed at the moment, and the best way to bring that through to you.

Session can be done in person at the Rock'n'Reiki Sanctuary or over Zoom.

I allow 2 hours for the session.

2 hours $165

Gift Certificate $165

Energy Tune Up

Are you feeling stuck? Unable to see the path forward? Like you need a little help? Let's shine a light on the issue!

In this session I will bring your issue to my Spirit Guides and bring back for you up to 3 Color Ray energy frequencies which will help you Light the path forward!

I allow 30 minutes for the session

30 mins $50

Gift Certificate $50

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