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Updated: Sep 15, 2022


Cockatoo heralds the coming of a downpour of positive support to grow the seeds of your dreams to fruition.

Today's Drawing: Black Cockatoo

When Cockatoo calls, this is a moment to celebrate. The energy of your circumstance is changing. Go with it. Trust it. Move with absolute confidence - as you step forward in faith the road will rise to meet you. Expect the very best and give yourself the gift of fully receiving it. The support you need may come in the form of external assistance or an internal epiphany. It may come in the realization of an ally or rich resource that you already have access to - ready to become an even more valuable companion on your journey.

"I open myself to receive glorious gifts in support of my soul's purpose. I celebrate the opportunity to bring glorious support to the soul journey of others. I expect the very best... I bring my very best to those in my world."

Cockatoo reminds us that while we each have our path to walk, life is sweeter together. Sometimes we can get so focused on our own path and our own mission that we forget how important our relationships are, and those we love and work with have dreams of their own. Life is easier when we help each other and work together. We all need validation and appreciation for the things we do and contribute in the world from time to time. Today, take time to share your affection and admiration with those who are important to you. Don't assume people know how much they mean to you. Take some time to show them, and discover the joys of devoting your attention to encouraging and lifting up the dreams of others.

Receive support, be support. This is the way, blessings are best shared!

Today, pick someone you love and ask yourself "How can I best encourage their journey? What is one thing I can do today to support the realization of their dream?"

What are you doing to receive support, and give support today? Let me know in the comments!

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Dance. Bring forth the beauty within. Do what makes your soul sing.

Today's Drawing: Queen of Wands - Pele

Today Pele offers us inspiration from Hawaii. Pele is the volcano whose eruption brings destruction. But that clears all the stagnant and heavy energy away, and makes way for beautiful new growth. Pele is also that new creativity and growth, and this is the face she presents to us today. She is the creativity of dance, and the nourishment of rich soil. This is the transformed energy of all that was stagnant and heavy before the eruption, now primed for beautiful creation and growth.

"Dance. Bring forth the beauty within. Do what makes your soul sing."

Today is a day for dancing, for creating beauty. To do whatever it is that makes your soul sing with joy. This is the day to create the beauty you want to see in your world. The difficult part of transformation - the demolition - is over, time to build anew, grow a new garden! Whatever your heart desires, do it with joy!

What song wants to come through you today? What beauty are you going to create? Dance with me! Let me know what you're doing in the comments!

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oday, Jellyfish comes with an invitation to discover the power of surrender. Tune in to the greater currents of your life. Turn up your inner light and draw what you need to you on this glorious Thursday.

Today's Drawing: Orange Blossom Jellyfish

Today we revisit the Jellyfish, to work some more with that beautiful energy of surrender. I shuffled the cards multiple times, felt the energy and drew. It was Jellyfish. I said no, there's 46 cards in this deck, give me something else! There must be a better card for today's energy. I shuffled multiple more times, felt the energy and drew. Jellyfish again!! Well, this just CANNOT be coincidence and I have to accept it. We revisit the Jellyfish and their energy of surrender, allowing what we need to come to us. This is not as easy to do as it sounds! So today we surrender a little more, trust in the Universe a little more.

Jellyfish live at every depth in every ocean in the world. Some live in lakes and rivers as well. Their bodies are mostly water, making them transparent, and when the light hits them they appear to be lit from within. They have tentacles which help them balance in the water and feed, but they cannot move. They rely on the currents of the water to carry them, to provide for them.

The universe has a plan, and all is provided in the currents of the ocean. Jellyfish teaches us to surrender to the greater currents of our lives, turn on our inner light and allow what we need to be drawn to us. We have a tendency sometimes to get in our own way. We hurry, get in the mode of doing more to try to make things happen instead of going with the flow and allowing the universe to provide. This makes a lot of work for us, with no greater gains. Instead, we can go with the flow, find greater abundance with more ease and harmony. We may still need to take action, but not forced action. We'd do well to remember: "you can't push a river." Thus, Jellyfish reminds us to be flexible, move with fluidity. Come into harmony with the greater currents in your life, surrender your intentions to the universe. What must be achieved can be done with grace and ease.

"Do less, be more and open yourself to receive."

Jellyfish calls us to be more transparent with others, and remember you're not alone. If you've been trying too hard to do everything yourself, now is the perfect time to reorganize or to ask for help. When we open the doors to cooperation and collaboration, amazing things can happen!

When you're feeling stressed or strained, go to the water and float. Relax into the ocean, allow her to guide and support your way. Do less, be more and open yourself to receive.

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