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Daily Divine Tues. Aug 2, 2022

Today I was drawn to the Tarot of The Divine, a lovely deck featuring mythology from many cultures around the world.

For today we have the Six of Swords, which features Danae and Perseus from Greek mythology. They are rowing down a river in a square boat. It represents their escape after Danae being imprisoned by her own father.

It represents leaving behind tumultuous waters for a future that is calm and promising. This feels like a much needed breath of fresh air. There has been a lot of turbulence lately, sailing some calm waters sounds fantastic right now!

Perseus goes on to defeat Medusa later in life. This is a promising note for future victories, and that feels much needed these days as well.

So, take a breath today, knowing that you're now heading into calmer waters.

"Take a breath. You're entering a time of peace."

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