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Daily Divine Sun July 31, 2022

Sunday is an excellent day for healing, and so I've been called to draw from the Andean Healing Energy Cards.

Today, we have Despacho! The Despacho is a gratitude ceremony which allows you to create powerful prayers of gratitude. This is a beautiful, creative and powerful tool for transformation. When you focus on all that you are lucky to have, it helps you generate more of what you need.

My first shamanic teacher taught me that what you are grateful for, the universe sends you more of. Sending prayers of gratitude into the universe says "Hey, I really love this, please send me more!"

Your actions in creating a gratitude ceremony put you in what the Q'ero call Ayni, which can be described as sacred reciprocity. When you are in ayni with the universe, you get "in the flow", you will find things come to you so much easier. What you need arrives. You don't have to search or fight for it. This makes the Despacho - the give-back ceremony, extremely powerful. But it is also beautiful, uplifting and joyful to create.

Take some flowers, some candies, some seeds, some leaves, whatever you find around you that is sweet and beautiful. Breathe your prayers of gratitude into these items as you use them to create a beautiful design. Feel your gratitude, for everything you have. Your health, your family, your home. Blow it into your items, and have fun creating some beauty. Then, you can bury it, burn it, offer it to a lake or river, or leave it out for Mother Earth.

Or, create your own gratitude ceremony! Create some joyful way to express your gratitude, however it works for you!

Today, go play. Go create some beauty, and give gratitude to the universe for all you have!

"Give gratitude for all you have, to help generate more of what you need."

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