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Daily Divine Sat. July 30, 2022

Today our wisdom was drawn from the White Lion Leadership card deck. It seemed fitting, as today is widely known as "Caturday" by people who have cats. And indeed we have some great wisdom from the Lions today!

Today we've got Aslan to give our wisdom. He calls us to reconnect with the highest version of ourselves. Connect with the attributes of compassion and empathy. Keep your heart open in your dealings with others. Be gentle with others and yourself. Be open to the light of Spirit, and radiate it out to the world. Spread kindness, beauty, and the light of Spirit to everyone you see.

This is also a day when you may be called to action, so be prepared to take action for the highest good. This may be in environmental areas to protect nature, or to protect others around you who have less power than you do. This is part of creating the world we want to live in. Draw in your highest self, and act for the highest good of all. Be love, be light, but be fierce when needed and stand your ground to make a difference for the highest good of us all. This is what it is to be the King of Lions.

Aslan the White Lion was rescued from trophy hunting by the White Lion Protection Trust. His name means "Star Lion." Nature does not need to be sacrificed. Remember your connection with nature, we *are* nature.

"Be love, be light, be fierce!"

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