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DAILY DIVINE : August 6, 2022


Today the World Turtle from Iroquois mythology comes to give us messages of success, stability, and growth

Today's Drawing: King of Coins

The World Turtle holds an entire ecosystem on his back. The trees and plants are thriving and blooming. There is abundance and prosperity for all. He shows us slow and steady growth leads to abundance, prosperity, success. It may take longer than we like, but if we work slowly, steadily, day by day, we can build mountains.

"Slow and steady wins the race."

Today, look around you and notice the success you've achieved. Sometimes, we spend so long creating our successes, that we don't notice that we have slowly built them. It seems still so far off. But if you stop and look around, and look back at where you started, you will see all you've grown and built. You will see the success you've created. Today, take stock of all the abundance in your life. Take some time to appreciate all you have, all the gains you've made. Your hard work is paying off!

What successes are you celebrating today? What abundance have you achieved? Is there a windfall happening for you? Let me know in the comments!

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