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DAILY DIVINE: August 5, 2022


On this beautiful Friday, what inspires you? What lights your fire and gets your creativity into high gear? The energy today is calling us to focus on our inspiration.

Today's Drawing: Lus - The Flame

Today I felt drawn back to the Ogham, and I drew the fid called Lus. This is the flame of inspiration, and also protection. It is the campfire and the sacred fire. This one speaks of protection, particularly spiritual protection, but also, and particularly today, inspiration. This is the voice of wisdom, the guiding light, the spark of creativity.

This is a day to focus on what really "lights your fire." What gets you motivated. If there is a creative project you've been planning but haven't gotten to yet, today just might be the day it all "comes together."

Today, watch for that flash of inspiration, it hits like lightning and can be gone just as fast if you don't grab on and make use of it. Be ready to grab it and run with it! Once you start, you might find solutions that were elusive before, or a new idea that upends everything in the best way.

"I am the spark of light in the darkness that guides and comforts."

Lus is protection, and inspiration, but it is also nourishment, of the body and the spirit. It is communication with Spirit. You could say, it is Divine Inspiration. Listen for the voice of Inspiration today. Lus also says "I've got your back." So, follow your inspiration with confidence today!

What lights your fire? What spark of creativity are you feeling today? What are you going to create? Let me know in the comments!

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