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DAILY DIVINE: August 4, 2022

Updated: Aug 3, 2022


Today Jellyfish comes with an invitation to discover the power of surrender. Tune in to the greater currents of your life. Turn up your inner light and draw what you need to you.

Today's Drawing: Orange Blossom Jellyfish

Jellyfish live at every depth in every ocean in the world, and some live in lakes and rivers as well. Their bodies are mostly water, making them transparent, and when the light hits them they appear to be lit from within. They have tentacles which help them balance in the water and feed, but they cannot move. They rely on the currents of the water to carry them, to provide for them.

The universe has a plan, and all is provided in the currents of the ocean. Jellyfish teaches us to surrender to the greater currents of our lives, turn on our inner light and allow what we need to be drawn to us. We have a tendency sometimes to get in our own way. We get in a hurry, get in the mode of DOING more to try to *make* things happen instead of going with the flow and allowing the universe to provide. This makes a lot of work for us, and it doesn't create greater gains. We can go with the flow, find greater abundance with more ease and harmony. We may still need to take action, but not forced action. We do well to remember "you can't push a river." Jellyfish reminds us to be flexible, move with fluidity. Come into harmony with the greater currents in your life, surrender your intentions to the universe. What must be achieved can be done with grace and ease.

"Do less, be more and open yourself to receive."

Jellyfish calls us to be more transparent with others, and remember you're not alone. If you've been trying too hard to do everything yourself, now is the perfect time to reorganize or to ask for help. When we open the doors to cooperation and collaboration, amazing things can happen!

When you're feeling stressed or strained, go to the water and float. Relax into the ocean, allow her to guide and support your way. Do less, be more and open yourself to receive.

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