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The Shamans Journey

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual tradition in existence. It has been with us for at least 40,000 years and most likely a lot longer than that. Shamanism has been practiced by every culture there is. Although each culture has its own traditions and way of doing things, its own language for these ways and traditions, there are many things they have in common with each other around the world and across the span of time.

The study of these traditions and the things they hold in common resulted in the creation of Core Shamanism, which utilizes these commonalities to create a modern, non cultural tradition of its own.

The shamanic journey is the foundation of shamanic practice. So what is the shamans journey? This is when a shamanic practitioner connects with the world of Spirit, and their spirit guides to gain knowledge to help themselves, their clients, or their community.

Traditionally, shamans all across the world have used the shamanic journey for survival. They journeyed to find where to find food, medicine, healing, and guidance for their people to survive. In modern times, it's really. not much different. We don't usually need to find food, but we do still need healing and guidance in life. We need guidance in our career, managing our relationships with family and friends, and navigating life in the most balanced way possible. Life moves fast now, things are always changing and it can feel overwhelming. Shamanic journeying can help us to find our balance in every area of life, to find the path forward with ease.

While shamans will use the journey to intercede on behalf of their clients or their community, anyone can learn to journey for themselves or their family. You could journey to find out what you can do to improve strained relationships with family or coworkers, whether a job prospect would give you the quality of life you're looking for, or how to balance work and family while taking care of your own needs as well. When you feel overwhelmed, journeying can help you cut through the whirlwind to the still point in the center. To find what's most important, and how to cut through the rest. It can shine a light on the path forward and lighten the load you carry. Every one I have ever taught says it has been life changing, in the best way. It is truly profound, and honestly beyond words to describe. It has to be experienced!

As powerful and profound as shamanic journeying is, it is an innate skill we are all born with. So anyone can learn to do it. With some training and practice, you will be able to journey to your spirit guides to gain knowledge and guidance on any aspect of your life, any time you want to or need to. It is our birthright.

I love teaching people to journey, to see people meet their own spirit guides. To see them empowered to find their own guidance through all of life's challenges. It's astounding to watch the healing that happens when people learn to journey for themselves. My life mission is to help people reconnect - to Spirit, to Nature, to each other. And teaching people to journey is a big part of that.

More information on the upcoming course can be found here.

If this sounds interesting to you, I invite you to join my upcoming Learn Shamanic Journeying course. It is a 6 week, mentored course that will give you a solid foundation in shamanic journeying. You will learn to navigate the Shaman's World of Spirit, meet your own spirit guides and gain guidance on actual issues in your life right now. You can join me live in person at Be Massage and Healing Therapies, or live on Zoom. Either way, I would love to see you there!

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