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In August 2016 I was learning Animal Reiki and Shamanic Healing. I had been practicing Reiki since 1999, and shamanism for several years and now it was time to begin learning to combine the two.

I came home from work one day to find that my cat Sassafras could no longer jump, not even to a step at her eye level. She was obviously in pain even walking, and then I watched her get into the litter box and back out twice without any action. I began sending her Reiki and took her to the emergency vet right away. I was concerned she might have a urinary blockage, and in any case something was badly wrong. The vet assured me females don't block very easily but did an x-ray right away because something was obviously wrong.

She came back in the room with the results of the x-ray and gave me the bad news: degenerative hip disease. She told me Sassy would probably be on pain medication for the rest of her life, and would still need modifications like ramps to get around. She told me this would shorten my cats life, due to stress and the side effects of pain medication. Sassy was only 4 years old. I was heartbroken. Sassy is the sweetest, snuggliest cat I've ever had.

The vet gave her laser treatment to help reduce pain, and pain medication as well. But it didn't help at all. She still had trouble walking and could not jump at all. I had to build a series of small steps to get up to the bed, which she didn't like to use, and steps up to the coffee table where I fed her and she likes to hang out, and from there she could step over to the chair to hang out in my lap. Days went by. The pain medication didn't seem to help her at all. I was still giving her Reiki, and it seemed that she appreciated it and loves receiving it, but it wasn't enough to help with this pain.

Then, I had my next Animal Reiki and Shamanic Healing class. Up to this point, I had seen breathtaking results for my sisters dog, and good results for another dog, but we had only been working in tandem with the teacher. We had not done any healing on our own yet. I told the teacher what was going on with Sassy, and she said she was going to assign us to find an animal client to begin working on our own this week, and it was clear I should be working with Sassy. My homework was to give her a session.

As I've mentioned, I had seen amazing things already, so I knew anything is possible, but I didn't yet have confidence in myself. It was around 8 PM when I began her session. She was sleeping when I began. She rolled over, and looked at me with one eye, and went back to sleep. I chose to work distance so as not to disturb her. After I finished the session, I looked for a response. I saw deep breathing. She was out like a light. I left her to integrate the session. Later, I fed the cats their before bed snack, but she just wanted to sleep. I thought "well, it was worth a try." I went to bed, thinking the healing hadn't helped any more than the vet visit had. My heart was heavy that night.

At 7 AM Sassy jumped onto the bed and started licking my face like crazy! She didn't use the steps, she JUMPED! I asked her if she wanted to cuddle like she usually likes to do in the morning, but she didn't have time for that. She licked me furiously, and then jumped down and started running up and down the hallway, into the bathroom and jumping into and out of the bathtub! Then she pounced on her toy and rolled around like a kitten. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, but she was running and jumping and playing like a kitten again! One Reiki and shamanic healing session had been able to do for her what laser treatments and pain medication hadn't been able to touch.

It is now over 4 years later, and Sassy is still good as new. I do give her maintenance sessions periododically, but she has never given any indications that she is in pain or having a hard time. If this was all I ever got from that class, it would have been worth it. But it isn't. I get to help many different animals, with differing issues and problems. I get to reduce or eliminate their pain, help them heal from trauma, wounds, and help them maintain quality of life while dealing with age related issues such as arthritis or chronic kidney disease. Our animals give us so much love and support, I am beyond grateful that I get to support them in return. This is why I do what I do.

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