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&Shamanic Healing

Welcome to Rock'n'Reiki!  The world can feel very frenetic, stressful and overwhelming. Take a moment for yourself.  A moment to relax, to release the stress, to slow down. To breathe. To reset mind, body and soul, to reconnect to the Music of Life again. The services provided at Rock'n'Reiki are designed to help you reconnect. To yourself, to Spirit, to the Music of the Universe, the Music of Life. These services are designed to help you see the beauty of life, to release the stress and trauma, to clear the air and shine a light on the path forward.

I offer services that can be received in the comfort of your own home through Zoom, as well as services in the Rock'n'Reiki sanctuary - a rare and timeless gem tucked in downtown Daytona Beach.



Massage Services

Relax the mind and the body, releasing tension and stress.  Relieve pain, increase range of motion. 

Take a moment to reset body and mind. Let go of the worry and stress. Tune in to the music of life.

Gift Certificates available!


Reiki and Shamanic Healing Sessions


Clear the air, lift the weight from your shoulders.

Healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  

Reiki restores peace of mind, releases pain, speeds healing and so much more. Yet it is extremely relaxing and non-invasive. 

Shamanic healing releases trauma, helps you reconnect with Spirit and brings guidance through life's ups and downs.

Gift Certificates available!

Courses Available

Follow your heart and take the next step forward on your path! Whether you want to provide healing for yourself and others, or reconnect to your personal spiritual guidance I offer courses to empower you in your growth.

All courses are available in person or over Zoom. All are personally mentored, with small class sizes to ensure each student fully grasps the material and is confident in their skills when they leave. 




My name is Claudine and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and shamanic practitioner. I am committed to helping people and animals live happier, healthier lives.

My work helps reconnect people with their own spiritual guidance which is empowering and shines a light on the path forward. Sessions bring peace and clarity to life.

One of the things I love most is teaching.  It is a great pleasure to reconnect people to their own innate talents and help them hone their skills, to watch them realize their own strengths and connections with Spirit.


Janet Collier

"This course was outstanding, I didn't know it would be so profound."

Chasity Martiz

"For the first time in a while he was being social and his usual Hannie self. It was great seeing a noticeable change! More sessions please!"

Christine Richardson

"I think you are one of the most genuine people I know.  You are easy to talk to and you don't lecture :-)

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